• Due to my husband’s illness, my husband and I were on the verge of losing our home.We were just unable to keep up with our mortgage payments. We were treated with the utmost dignity & respect by Ben Hill Loan Firm . They gave us a 2nd mortgage, which helped us bring our existing mortgage up to date. We were able to keep our home. Our family thanks you.”



  • With property prices always rising we just couldn’t seem to save up enough to cover land transfer costs and we did not want to pay for expensive insurance premiums. Ben Hill Loan Firm provided the guidance and financing we needed to make our home ownership dream a reality”

    M . Whatley,


  • Ben Hill Loan Firm exceeded every expectation when it came to finding a lender on the house I was interested in, and I was astonished how simple they made the loan process.Ben Hill Loan Firm also went out of their way to ensure the loan went through in a specific way, so my family could save money.



  • Ben Hill Loan Firm allowed my family and I to consolidate a number of loans in order to purchase a motor vehicle and caravan. This has given my family fantastic adventures during not only school holidays, but long weekends and the occasional overnight stay.

    Miriam ,